I am my Brothers keeper an I’ve done a terrible job. Trayvon & Mike please forgive me. I wasn’t strong enough to protect you my words didn’t hit them like they we’re suppose to. They took you being unarmed as a threat. Hands up in the Air as if pleading with God as too why.

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shoutout to all the sensitive black girls

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Black is beautiful.

I want beautiful black babies.

Anonymous asked:
Are you single? Because you are too damn fine...

Just recently got wifed up ✌️

fancyy-fetus asked:
You are extremely beautiful! It's always lovely to see you on my dash c:

Thanks sweetie!

rabbit-andrew asked:
Niggers: the only people who can call you racist, while being racist.



Lol yup. They have a monopoly on being a victim.

Like i’m not exaggerating when I say whites literally call us niggers and racists in the same sentence

Gotta love it!

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